Holding the hands of time - 牵着时光的手 Blow-off vision of the rain, so that you are left with a brilliant *e time in my fingers, without any regrets, open stemmed bloom ripples. Blunt rolling thick liquid eternal, but you and I, were dispersed in which period of Acacia leaves. 吹断目光的雨,让虹的光辉带你离去。



Inexplicable always feel like the time within the next few precious memories will be stripped from me, more than once dreamed that his standing in a dark empty space, only one track at the foot stretch into thedistance, such as the long past your time and ultimately disappear In myfield of vision at the end. 总是会莫名地感到时间在抽丝剥茧般的将宝贵的回忆从我身上剥离,不止一次梦见自己站在一片空旷黑暗的空间里,脚下只有一条铁轨伸向远方,冗长如过往的光阴,最终消失在我的视野尽头。

I am afraid to lose, I fear this time, and I love it but memories. I could not forget the sweat on the pitch with the sway of the brothers, forget accompany me cry close friend, and forget the bright Star of that everynight, and those words have touched me deeply. 我害怕失去,我对时间如此的恐惧,而我却又那么的热爱回忆。


Those people, those things, such as bursts of light rain in the lake left ring Watermark four dispersed to each other to melt each other's impact; if the horizon is still experiencing Qianwanyinian quiet shining star, notvery bright, but clearly made . - They do not know how much to spend withme during the day bright and silent night. 那些人,那些事,如细雨在湖面留下的阵阵环型水纹四散开来彼此消融,彼此撞击;如经历千万亿年仍在天边寂静闪光的星,不甚明亮,却又清晰无比。


In my memory, the third year is not gray, because I remember thoseblessings are not what love is bearing fruit, I still remember holding alot of my friends and I hope to see sunrise and sunset, finally it isyellow everywhere. 在我的记忆中,高三不是灰色的,因为我记得那些不被祝福的爱情是怎样的开花结果,还记得我与朋友抱着一大堆的希望看日出日落,最后却是黄花遍地。

Youth is the eye lotus spring, third year is that this eye expansion of bubbling spring season. I, however, a strong smell in the bubble years of the Problem taste. I do not exclude these, but too much pressure to do away much fun. Unfortunately, after the college entrance examination, even the pressure would become the memories, be my third year living memory of the dead evidence. In the time before we are so powerless, the only left on just the eye springs, and we have no regrets of the oath, I hope day after day, year after year, when I re-turn to this page , people still. 青春是眼忘忧泉,高三是这眼泉水膨胀冒泡的季节。





I have seen one another chilling words: Some people say that once you start like the memories of those people will get old. I only admit mature, do not believe they have been growing old. My friends are growing up day by day, and was young and the mature, how can I not had time to grow on the outline of the first to hoary? 曾经看过一句另我毛骨悚然的话:有人说,一旦开始喜欢回忆,那人便老去了。


我的朋友们正在一天天地长大,成熟并且风华正茂着,我怎么可以没来得及成长就率先苍老了轮廓? "Heaven Rain in green and so on, and I am waiting for you, the moonlight was recovered, the faint opened the outcome." Jay melancholy voice has been completely different from the business for the time Sentimental, Bard will be the years the pace of a camel inscribed into the blue and white porcelain in that respect. “天青色等烟雨,而我在等你,月色被打捞起,晕开了结局。”杰伦忧郁的嗓音已经完全不同与刚出道时的青涩,吟游诗人般地将岁月的脚步镌刻进那一尊青花瓷器。

Our future? Friends ah, I will time the other end, waiting for you. 我们的未来呢?朋友啊,我会在时间的另一头,等你。

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